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Subdivisions Perth

Alpine Drainage can organise and perform a full subdivision of property and implement a drainage solution that is suitable for your commercial or residential property. Whether it’s a Green Title or STRATA Title subdivision, Alpine Drainage will work in conjunction with specialised surveyors to install a high quality subdivision to your property.

What We Do

Subdivision - we organise and perform a full subdivision of your property lot. We work alongside expert surveyors to assure we comply with the Department of Water standards.

STRATA Title -  this is a non-sole title (shared title). We provide a service connection point that connects to the main sewer line. Each lot is provided with a connection point which connects to the service connection point.

Green Title - this is an individual title. Alpine Drainage supplies and installs a new individual connection point for each Green Title lot then connect them directly to the main sewer line.

Covering All Areas

Our drainage solution services are available to clients in all areas of Perth and the surrounding suburbs. Whether you are local or in an outlying area, we can visit your commercial or residential property and complete all the necessary work at highly competitive rates.

To find out how much a Subdivision will cost, please call during regular business hours, or email us at any time, to request a quotation. We will be delighted to carry out a thorough no obligation free quote.

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