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STRATA Lot Clearance

Alpine Drainage can organise and execute the clearance of one or more STRATA Lots. Alpine Drainage can also bring in one of their many expert Surveyors to help assist the planning and installation of the sub-division.

What We Do

Demolition - we have all the necessary equipment and experience needed to carry out demolition work.

Restoration - some jobs require the removal of materials such as roads, landscaping or pavement. We have the ability to restore these materials back to their original state.

Excavate - we have a lot of machinery at our disposal, including an excavator. We can carry out both large or small scale excavation work.

Covering All Areas

Our drainage solution services are available to clients in all areas of Perth and the surrounding suburbs. Whether you are local or in an outlying area, we can visit your commercial or residential property and complete all the necessary work at highly competitive rates. 

To find out how much our lot clearance service will cost, please call during normal business hours, or email us at any time, to request a quotation. We will be delighted to carry out a thorough no obligation free quote.

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